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Red Fox MP3 FM Modulator

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

So I got a little itchy and went ahead and bought myself another MP3 FM Modulator. The price has come down and I paid RM$65 for it. This Red Fox version FT20D 6-in-1 MP3/Wireless FM Modulator of course is an improved version over my previous MP3 FM modulator. It has its advantages; however, do not believe what is shown on the packaging as it was misleading. How so? On the packaging it was displayed a 4GB SD card thus giving the impression that the Red Fox MP3 FM Modulator could handle 4GB SDHC and USB Flash Drive. (more…)

MP3 FM transmitter for car

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Lately I seem to be acquiring several hardware equipment from upgrading my LCD display, a not so free Creative Zen Neeon MP3 player, a laptop, and an MP3 FM transmitter.

Now the last item was an interesting purchase. It cost about $20 (RM60) and it works by plugging a flash drive into its slot and plugging the whole contraption into the car cigarette lighter where it gets its power.

By tuning the car radio accordingly to the MP3 FM transmitter broadcast frequency and voila! You got yourself an inexpensive MP3 player right in your car without having to change the car stereo that can play MP3 music. (more…)