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How Can I Convert a CD to an MP3

Monday, September 7th, 2009

“How can I convert a CD to an MP3 format?”

Actually it is a very easy process. There are many ways to convert audio CD into MP3 and there isn’t any shortage of free software to do it. If you plan to use your Windows Media Player that came with Microsoft, then just too bad because Microsoft emphasis is on their own proprietary WMA format which I find that not so many MP3 players support it. Microsoft Windows Media Player can play MP3 but their conversion from audio CDs into MP3 do not have so many options. They are geared more to WMA format also. So when it comes to conversion to a compact audio file, better stick to the MP3 format which has a pervasive following. (more…)

Red Fox FT44 MP3 Wireless FM Modulator

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The Red Fox FT44 MP3 Wireless FM Modulator is the latest mo

del on sale for playing MP3 or WMA music in your car using radio transmission to your car radio. My older FM modulator was getting cranky and with the new model with new features on sale, I decided to get a new MP3 wireless FM modulator.

The new upgraded version looks great. On the cover it says the Red Fox FT44 model is able to support up to 16GB USB drive and able to play over 1000++ songs. In addition, it can also play songs by folder selection. That sounds really great, because the current one that I have cannot switch songs by folder and the random jump button is very difficult to enable. However if using SD or MMC card, it can only support up to 2GB. I guess they still didn’t support SDHC cards. USB thumb drives are still cheaper than SD/MMC cards anyway so it is not such a big deal for not able to play from SDHC cards.

Red Fox FT44 MP3 Wireless FM Modulator

Red Fox FT44 MP3 Wireless FM Modulator


Red Fox MP3 FM Modulator for playing MP3 files, Pt 2.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Judging from the number of comments that I received about t

his Red Fox MP3 FM modulator, I think I might put in a few pointer about using this device.

The Red Fox MP3 modulator that I bought could use both the SD/MMC Card as well as USB flash drive. The size limit for SD/MMC card is 2GB, while for USB thumb drive 4GB is usable. So far the USB drive that I tried that has no problem with the Red Fox MP3 Modulator are: (more…)

Red Fox MP3 FM Modulator

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

So I got a little itchy and went ahead and bought myself another MP3 FM Modulator. The price has come down and I paid RM$65 for it. This Red Fox version FT20D 6-in-1 MP3/Wireless FM Modulator of course is an improved version over my previous MP3 FM modulator. It has its advantages; however, do not believe what is shown on the packaging as it was misleading. How so? On the packaging it was displayed a 4GB SD card thus giving the impression that the Red Fox MP3 FM Modulator could handle 4GB SDHC and USB Flash Drive. (more…)

MP3 FM transmitter for car

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Lately I seem to be acquiring several hardware equipment from upgrading my LCD display, a not so free Creative Zen Neeon MP3 player, a laptop, and an MP3 FM transmitter.

Now the last item was an interesting purchase. It cost about $20 (RM60) and it works by plugging a flash drive into its slot and plugging the whole contraption into the car cigarette lighter where it gets its power.

By tuning the car radio accordingly to the MP3 FM transmitter broadcast frequency and voila! You got yourself an inexpensive MP3 player right in your car without having to change the car stereo that can play MP3 music. (more…)