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We all need some words of inspiration and inspiration quotes to lift our spirits up and to keep ourselves going. Many a times we may meet up with challenges and hardship that tend to pull us down. Words of inspiration encourages to spur us on, provides us with tenacity and determination to keep going, slogging it out day after day.

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. – Tommy Lasorda

So keep a note here and there, write it down in your note book or paste it here and there, when you are doing your work, a quick glance on some words of inspiration and inspiration quotes would just help to keep you going.

Life is never ending cycle of ups and downs. There are people that encourages and there are people that put you down. But most of all, we all need to cling on to the hope that what we are doing does matter if not for others at least for ourselves. And whatever we are doing does matter.

It is not always easy to please others. Perhaps we shouldn’t try to hard? Of course we should love our neighbours as we too should love ourselves. So keep your spirits up, there may yet be a light at the end of the tunnel!

The inspiration quotes and words of inspirations are collected here and there. They plonk in via the inbox and they are quite interesting to read. The stories are very inspirational though whether the events that happen are real or not, I wouldn’t know. Since the inspirational story has been circulating around, who the original author I wouldn’t know and even if the author were to claim ownership, it would require some evidence. Perhaps it would be best left as public domain and let those words of inspiration encourage more people to keep going in their life.

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