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Durian Malaysia

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Durian Malaysia, the king of fruits. Everybody loves them and many are repulsed by the offensive smell. But once they overcome the strong aroma and get the courage to try it, mmm…, that’s it, they are hooked!

The various variety of Durians in Malaysia

The various variety of Durians in Malaysia

There are so many varieties of durian in Malaysia. So many that I’m not sure which is which. Sometimes the names are in Chinese, sometimes in Malay, sometimes in code, and sometimes it is from the place that it was grown plus the grade that grow there. It is like trying to decipher French connoisseur wines. It is as though a particular durian variety grown in a specific region will yield a different subtlety to it, just like wines. (more…)

Having a durian fest in Mr Goo’s orchard

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Durian, the king of fruits. Some like it. Some hate it. But we got to sample a whole bunch for free when my friend, Mr Goo invited my family over to his orchard in the Bentong area.

A pile of durians, yummy!

The durian season was well on its way, and there was an over abundance in Pahang. In KL, it was a little scarcer as the suppliers c

ould not get good profit from the oversupply. Still that would not have stopped my wife and family from organizing a durian fest. Fortunately, Mr Goo invited us over to his orchard on a weekend.”Why not come over to my orchard? Eat as much as you want!” He said. Alright, after making arrangement with various family members we ended up with two cars going out on this excursion as it comprise my parent and parent-in-laws, Kenny and his wife, Rebecca, Lindy, Lena and I. (more…)