Baby sleeping

It is always nice to see baby sleeping peacefully. While they are still a baby, they need lots of sleeping time. I didn’t realize children need lots of sleep till right to their teens! No wonder I need quite a fair bit of sleep during those years! All along I thought the average sleep required was about 8 hours. Though while I was younger I needed about 9 hours or more of sleeping time per day. Now with this chart from BabyCentre, I realize more sleeping time is required for children and youth!

Age Nighttime Sleep Daytime Sleep Average Total Sleep
2 years 10.5 to 12.5 hours 1 to 3 hours (1 nap) 11.5 to 15.5 hours
3 years 10.5 to 12.5 hours 1 to 3 hours (1 nap) 11 to 14 hours
4 years 10 to 12 hours 0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap) 10 to 13 hours
5 years 10 to 12 hours 0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap) 10 to 12.5 hours
• Note: The two sets of numbers don’t always add up because children who take longer naps tend to sleep fewer hours at night, and vice versa.

Source: BabyCentre

Nowadays I just get by with 6 to 7 hours of sleep due to many things to do. I do get to steal a little extra on some weekends and get a nice 8 hours plus of my forty winks!

For now it is such a calming joy to see baby fast asleep without a care in the world. However if baby gets too tired it may become very difficult to get him to sleep.

While on outing, there are so many new sights to take, so many interesting things to see that even though it is time for baby to take a nap, he just force himself to stay awake trying not to miss anything! It does get baby a little irritable and that’s when he cries. Eventually baby will fall into a nice deep sleep while we stroll him around the shopping centre. It is good to see baby sleeping peacefully!

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