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Most of the modern photography equipment provides a simple way for how a basic photography will be processed. In the Canon DSLR they call it picture style setting which provide a certain amount of control over how the photo is processed. While most compacts will provide three simple settings called Neutral, Standard and Vivid, the Canon DSLR provide a much wider fine tuning.

The photography basics mode that comes pre-set with the camera body are: Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome. An additional 3 user define settings where you can download additional picture style into your camera for additional choices of photographic expression.

Canon picture style comparison

Within each picture, additional settings can be adjusted according to your preferred final photography expression. The additional settings include the Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation and Colour Tone.

Using any picture style settings up to each individual though the suggested use of each is:

Standard – Standard picture style is set to produce vivid colours and contrast level for general photography of subjects. It is set to optimal sharpness for print image without post processing. It is good simple general setting for just about any scene.

Portrait – This is to reproduce skin colour more accurately. The Portrait picture style adjusts the colour tone magenta-to-yellow toward the red range and adds a certain amount of brightness. Skin colour is reproduced to light pink with correct exposure particularly well-suited for shooting women and children. The sharpness is reduce to provide a softer natural feeling of skin.

Canon picture style settingsCanon picture style settings

Landscape – This picture style provides a more vivid expression providing deeper, richer colours that would normally be lost if using standard picture style mode. A deeper blue sky and vibrant green leaves are such examples. This picture style uses stronger sharpness to bring out the details.

Neutral – This setting is used for expressing subtle nuances within the vivid colours including for objects in high contrast situation to convey delicate textures. The contrast and saturation are moderated so that there is less risk of overexposure and colour saturation in comparison with other styles. The result is a more restrained and calmer expression. Also noted that the rich detail is retained not only in the RAW file but in JPG as well and thus further adjustment and corrections can be rendered in photo software like Adobe Photoshop.

Faithful – This photography basics settings try to capture a photo image as close to what is seen by the human eye. The reproduced images are set to be almost identical to the actual colours shot under normal daylight conditions. This settings also help to maintain colours true to life even in the highlighted areas giving a strong and reliable impression close to what is seen by the human naked eye. A faithful reproduction of what is seen. It is also suitable to capture photos of photos to reproduce what was previously captured onto your own DSLR camera! The picture style tends to be a bit blend but provides and interesting alternative to the high saturation of vividly captured photos.

Monochrome – So you want to be more artistic in your basics of photography captures? This monochrome setting will strip out all colours giving you a black and white noir like photography. This picture style settings sets the sharpness relatively stronger and you can add sepia, blue or other toning effect to the monochrome image. You may use other colour filters such as red, green, blue, etc to create additional effect to how the final monochrome photos will come out.

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