Fireworks display celebrating Malaysia 50 years of independence

Malaysia has come a long way since its independence 50 years ago. A lot of changes has happen since then, some good, some not so good. But hey, this is my country. I suppose every country in the world is not perfect. But I dare say we are fortunate than many. In fact many foreign country marvel at our multi-racial community living out in harmony.

And with the celebration there is sure plenty of pyrotechnics nearby from my house. The Curve/Ikano Shopping centre just located 10 minutes walking distance will throw a fireworks display. At the stroke of midnight I could hear the explosion. Though at first I thought what in the world was going on with all the explosion, then it dawn onto me that there was a firework display going on at the shopping mall.

A quick grab of my Panasonic Lumix camera, I went out of my house and find myself a vantage point where I could view the pyrotechnic display. I was not the only one enjoying the show, as there was another group of people that came out of their house to watch the spectacle.

The explosions were rather loud, and it disturbed the neighbourhood pets. I could hear the dogs barking away. They are probably rather unsettled by all the commotion. And some cars that have sensitive alarms were triggered too causing a cacophony of background noise amidst the explosive sound of the fireworks.

I video as best as I could with the digital camera build in video function. Reminds to save up some money to get a proper video camera. But for now I’ll just practice with this camera video. One disadvantage with using Panasonic camera’s build in video is that the sound did not play back when you review what you have recorded. Not good if you plan to make commentary and want to make sure the spoken commentary was said properly. Well, just have to live with this disadvantage for now. Besides I need to improve the way I talk over the camera. Sheesh, I could speak in front of the Church congregation, but have camera shy syndrome when it comes to speaking in front of the video camera.

Oh, well. Just have to keep trying till I get it right.

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