Monsoon Season

With the monsoon season well on its way, it gets pretty wet around here in KL. Though it is much worse in the east coast with floods here and there. I still remember way back when I was a small kid staying in Kota Bahru, with rain almost the whole day! Now it is not much difference except that the world’s weather has gone to the birds.

Even the birds are now view with suspicion. Are the infected with the bird flu, or are they not?

Well, I just finish a blog, so I’m blogging in a blog about a blog that I finished. This is crazy, blogging about my blog? Sounds like a circle within a circle kinda thing. Makes one goes a little cuckoo thinking about these things. Well here’s the blog, East Coast Monsoon, Colder Highlands Weather

Traffic is growing but still a tad slow. Gotta keep soldiering on! Can’t lose sight of my goal!

Just like these guys yachting in the monsoon season! Crazy! What’s more, they even praise the wind! Arh, must be more like them. No matter what the situation, we have much to be thankful. Praise the Lord, give thanks in all matters. Yea.

Now my cat, Casper is getting kind of overactive (isn’t he already hyper active?) and seems to like sparring with me! Must be practicing to go mano-o-mano against other Toms. Just last night, he picked a fight with another cat and had to turn tail and run back in to the house for safety. Looked really sad that he lost. What ego he has! Hah, cats got pride too! Though as far as I can tell that he was not injured, just a bruised ego. He just looked so depressed that he lost!

Well, he may be a good hunter catching mice, lizards, and roaches, but an alpha cat he is not! Hopes he settles down and don’t go roaming around too much! Somehow, I don’t think so…

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