Restored back to IE6

Alright! Wasn’t too difficult to revert back to IE6 from IE7 beta preview 2. Instead of using uninstall, I used one of the restore points in the Microsoft System Restore program.

And now, my McAfee Viruscan 9 is working properly again. Trust Microsft to always go their own way against the standards they set as well as the industry standard. Just because their desktop operating systmem is the dominant platform for 80-90% of the world user doesn’t mean they can at a whim do what they like. No wonder so many developers and expert users rant and rave in the net about big brother Microsoft. Can’t do much with all the rant & rave, ’cause M$ has the big bucks and they can do just what they please.

In some ways their software is good, very easy to use and install. A lot of improvement has gone into their O/S since Windows 95 and MS-DOS. If only Linux can be just as good, I will have no qualms switching over to it. Linux is still more of a hacker O/S. My PC skills are not good enough to tweak the Linux system. So far installing Linux in my PC is more for studying it than to use it seriously. Besides, many hardware still lack support for the Linux platform. Without the proper drivers I just couldn’t get them to work.

For example, I have set up WIFI in my home network. With my limited Linux skill, I was not able to make it to recognise the WIFI device and thus I have no internet connection. Better stick back with M$ for easy usability.

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