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I haven’t been posting for awhile. It has been a quite a busy month for me. June wouldn’t be any different. It’s going to be quite a hectic and interesting month! So what has gone on and what is to come?

For the month of May that past, I signed up for the AirKu water vending franchise business. It wasn’t cheap but the possibility of an average passive income of RM1000+ a month seems quite a reasonably return for the investment. In comparison with the purchase of properties, this return is so much better and not so taxing on your cash flow.

Until now, my Bukit Jalil Green Avenue Condominium has been a money draining project for the past two years. I have just got my CF this month and there are to be additional charges before I can get the key to the unit.

I have also renewed my Cameron Highlands Site Sell website account. I had a scare though, when my credit card transaction was declined because the local banks were too strict about internet transaction due to the many fraud cases. My website was about to expire and the SiteSell company will suspend the website should they not receive the payment. Fortunately after many emails to their support staff, they gave me an extension to the expiry date. The bank unfortunately was so strict that it was so troublesome to get the transaction approved. Finally it was resolved and I could get the payment through. Phew! What a close call!

During this time I also decided to start up another website and decided to name it SoHo Home Business. It seems like there is quite a lot of people who would like to start up their own home business. This, I guess also includes me, so it looks like a logical website to start off. But I have decided not to take up another site sell website, instead opt for another hosting company.

I wanted to have more control over some of the web features which Site Sell does not offer. Things like subdomains, blogs, forums are not available from Site Sell. That is not to say Site Sell is not good. On the contrary it was a good starting point for any newbie who wants a website that can draw traffic and to learn the basic structure of what makes a good website.

Now I use what I have learned and apply it on this new site. Sure, it requires more hacking and tinkering, and it is pretty raw to get down and dirty configuring the mailing list and the web blog. Even though now it is still in the early stages, I can see the web site is coming along nicely. Checking the visit logs, I can see a few visitors from USA and Australia already! But most of the traffic is from me because I have to continually refresh the page after fixing and tweaking the page to make sure it looks good and functions according to my needs.

There is still more to go, and I haven’t started cranking out the normal structure articles for visitors. Still tweaking away at the PHPlist, being unfamiliar with it. There are still some things about I am not satisfied with, and thus I have to figure out how to customized it to fit to the overall website look and feel. But I think I will have to work as I go, writing articles, blogging a little and at the same time tweak up the system till it is as best as it could go without breaking it!


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