Black Swan Winery and Cafe

The Black Swan Winery and Cafe was the next stop on our Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail list.Arriving at Black Swan, we were still quite early. Just a little before noon time. Feeling not that hungry, but we were still planning to have our lunch meal here as the next stop would be the Caversham Wildlife Park. We decided we would order less. The Black Swan was a nice looking cafe. It was also a winery too as we could see the vineyard on its backyard. Rows and rows of new vines were planted on its ground. However we were here not for its wine but for its food.

We were not the first customer as there was a couple sitting out at the garden under the glaring sun, with the cool breezy weather, I’m sure they felt very comfortable. A couple of kids was having fun running around the backyard as we took our table. We didn’t ordered so much, three portion of meals plus a salad for the five of us.

The Black Swan Winery and Cafe has a scenic view of its vineyard.

As the meals were being prepared, we took a stroll around the area and admired the scenery. Horses could be seen strolling in their enclosure, while a worker was trying to transplant a patch of grass to the backyard entrance of the cafe. Despite the bright sunshine, it was quite breezy and we could it feel it was very cool.

The Black Swan Winery and Cafe has some great tasting food!As we returned to our tables, more guests were arriving. Our meals were simple, some duck in orange sauce, a bowl of beef with pastry pie, calamari and a bowl of salad. The portion was just nice though not quite enough to fill our tummies. We were not that hungry anyway. And the verdict? Yes, the meals were simply mouth watering. After our fill, it was time to go on with our Swan Valley Food and Wine trail journey.

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