50 Hours Praising, Praying, Prophesying and Preaching

50 Hours Praising, Praying, Prophesying and PreachingIt’s been a long tiring week! My church, Grace Assembly had a visiting Prophet named Victor Kusi from Ghana who had favour and anointing from God. He was able to accurately see into a person intended future as the Holy Spirit reveals things to him. Whenever a service was held, the church becomes pretty much jam packed with people hoping to find out what God has in store for their future.

Not every prediction or advice given was good. Some were bad omen and should be prayed against while others are answers to peoples’ question as to which direction they should take.

It is a signs and wonders from God because he was able to describe a person even though he does not know the person describing a person’s name, identity card or passport number or car registration plate number or other identifiable personal items.

With his visit, Pastor Henry and church committee instituted a 50 hours continuous PPPP which each praise worship team and church elders taking turns to praise, pray, prophesy, and preach.

As me and my wife was part of the worship team, we had to rehearse through some of the intended praise and worship song during the week before our turn on the day.

Our slot was 7am to 11am on the Saturday, 21st. Had to wake up extra early at 4am as we had to stop by my mom-in-laws house to drop off some Chinese New Year oranges. The PPPP session is located in Grace Klang, which is quite far from the house. We reach there on time for the 6am pre-session prayer for our team.

When it was our turn to take over, the 4 hours went by pretty well, though it left us tired. I even dozed off napping between worship sessions as the fatigue overcame me. Later some of our church member together with our Pastor had Bak Kut Teh for lunch. After all it is famous in Klang, and since we are here may as well have it. Though too much Bat Kut Teh is not good for health though it is laden with herbs and spices, the pork is pretty much high in cholesterol.

Hopefully the PPPP session will move heaven and earth in the right direction. After all, time on earth is short. We do not know when the final end times will occur, though there had been many warnings already that it will happen within this age. Well time will tell.

Ezekiel 22:30 (NIV)
“I look for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.”

Therefore we have to stand in the gap and pray for one another and lift up each other in our prayers and fasting to move against the enemies of God, lest we’ll be destroyed. Amen.

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