Another day another year older

Celebrating my birthday @ TGIF. Those staff sure are a little crazy!Oh, yeah! Time wait for no men. Before you know it, you are another year older. And the next, and the next…

Looking at the years gone by, there were some regrets and there are some good times. Have to take the good with the bad. But overall, I should count my blessings. A good wife, no kids yet though working on it (some people just have all the luck!). A lacklustre job, but it pays the bills. And then some, never really achieving anything much with it. Like I said, it pays the bills.

A new year, and a birthday. So any new year’s resolution? A fair bit. More traffic for my website, with more CTR. More commitment to the church but not tire oneself out without know more of God. Like the analogy of Martha vs Mary, just worrying about the little things does not get one closer to the Lord. Guess I have to take up the challenge of reading the Holy Bible, especially the New Testament.

Spend more time with wife, while still juggling with work, website, church, and cat. If successful, with the addition of kids, I think my world would be pretty busy indeed! Hah!

Another minute and it will be midnight. Right, Happy Birthday to me! heh, heh…

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