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Bidvertiser is yet another pay per click Adsense like advertising for monetizing your website. I signed up with them and see how I could go with Bidvertiser vs Adsense and other advertisement that I have plastered around my personal blog. Hey, it may be drag if you see so many advertisement on my website, but isn’t it the same when you pick up a newspaper or a glossy magazine and they too serve up ads to your face? Publishing company need revenue to run, and so do I. The difference is that they have lots of resources and contacts to gain their monetization while small fry one-man-show like us has to do everything by ourselves.

So far Google Adsense is still the king of pay per click advertisement and there are many contenders who claim they are better than Google. The only way to know for sure is to sign up with them and see how successful they will be against the standard of click through monetization which is of course Adsense.

I believe Google has a far bigger pool of programmers so they are much more able to create algorithm to serve up ads than are relevant to your website content and thus create the best monetizing potential.

Bidvertiser Logo For Bidvertiser, the choice of advertiser to your website can be select, so they are giving you more control than Google could. This may be good or may be less effective. Perhaps by giving you more control, you could possibly find a niche that would provide a better payout. On the other hand, like me who is already busy and bog down with a day job and doing personal blogging on a part-time basis, you may not want to do so much tinkering around and just let the algorithm do its thing.

For a smaller outfit like Bidvertiser, they have some features which Google does not have. They are able to make payout via Paypal when you reach the US$10 threshold. The US$10 threshold is nice because not everybody can easily hit the US$100 payout threshold which is Google’s standard before payout is issued. And using paypal is rather convenient rather than by cheque. Clearing an international cheque takes an awfully long time!

Another feature about Bidvertiser is the additional pop under advertisement. This may not go well with your website visitors. Most browsers do have a pop up / pop under blocker. Although Bidvertiser says the potential for higher pay out and earnings if you enable the pop under, however most people’s browser has the pop-up blocker enabled thus your potential for earning from this method is very slim plus in addition it is downright annoying for your website visitors too! Bidvertiser did mention that the pop under will only be displayed once per 24 hours for each visitor. For me, I think I rather disable it.

Bidvertiser toolbar for search

Another interesting way of monetizing is the Bidvertiser free toolbar. The BidVertiser Toolbar will allow you to distribute your own customized toolbar to your website visitors and earn money when your users use the toolbar for search. This might be interesting way to monetize since the toolbar would always be in the visitors’ browser. This will only work if the visitor is willing to fill up their browser with yet another toolbar. I have seen some friends or family member’s browser so cluttered up with browser toolbar that the viewing space for the browser becomes diminished. So I’m rather fastidious and do keep my browser and desktop as clutter free as possible (though the same can’t be said of my website, haha!).

And the final verdict about Bidvertiser earning potential for webmasters? So far the returns has not been great though the position is below after my article blog posting. That is quite a good position for monetizing potential but for Bidvertiser it didn’t seem quite to make any good headway.

I will keep Bidvertiser for now for a longer duration and see how it fares against the various monetizing affiliate program I have running on this website. Wish me luck!

1 thought on “Bidvertiser Review”

  1. Hi,

    BidVertiser is stealing webmaster’s money.

    I signed up for bidvertiser about 2-3 weeks ago. First day I had only one click which was odd because I am getting at least 500 visitors par day. And the first one weeks passed without anymore clicks.

    I started to suspect and asked a couple of my friends to click each ad max 3 times. My friends clicked on ads and I waited a few days (because they say update may take 24-72 hours). Guess what? Nothing happened, I still had 1 click.

    I wrote this to them and got really strange reply:

    Done by: Customer Service, Publishers & Referral Status: Pending_Reply Action Date: Sunday, 09/04/2011 05:35 PM
    Dear Mustafa,

    If you do not wish to use BidVertiser anymore, simply remove the code from your website pages. If you wish to unsubscribe from any account messages, simply click “Account Management” -> “Edit Profile” and change your settings.

    Best Regards,
    BidVertiser Support Team

    Inquiry content:

    I don’t beleive that I got only one click on the ads published in my sites. To test this I had a few of my friends click on the weekend and guess what; none of them shows in my report.

    That’s why I am terminating my account and I will tell everyone I know about the situation.

    What you are doing is not nice at all.

    Best regards,

    Mustafa Aslan

    BidVertiser did not even feel guilty for stealing our money.

    Best regards,


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