Blood test result out – how’s my health fitness?

So it was about time to check out my health fitness position. Though I have been trying to keep myself fit, there is no way to know your personal health fitness situation until you do a medical check up. Lena decided to give this nutritional medicinal method a go and we went for a blood test using the nutritionist set of blood test procedure.

So the test result was out today and we went to the clinic to have it reviewed. It was a busy day for the nutritionist. Many people has come to seek counsel with Steve the nutrition consultant on how to heal their ailment the alternative way considering that the standard way of treatment with medicine has not brought about any positive results. As usual, the consultant was his usual chatty self. What is it about nutrition consultant being so talkative? Just like Ron of Usana they just like to talk about all their success stories and how they help people to overcome their health problems.

Anyway, today was a busy day, and we waited patiently for our turn. I didn’t have much time because my weekend maid was left in the house doing chores and would need to return soon.

After a long wait, it was our turn, and Lena decided I should seek my results first so that I could take my leave first. Than Kenny and Lena’s family could take their time to consult later about their health condition. I will take Kenny’s compact MyVi car to go home while Kenny and Rebecca would hitch a ride in Lena’s big Toyota Wish. That’s the beauty of a big car able to take in many passengers.

The overall results was generally ok as I had no serious issues with my health. However there were some niggling points like my sugar level was on the high side, which made me pre-diabetic. I kinda like sweet stuff too much, so I have to watch out on my glucose/carbohydrate intake.

I have a minor borderline thalassemia blood condition, though my parents were also having thalassemic issues, my previous blood test said that I didn’t have this condition. Strangely the consultants test result showed that I have. Perhaps his test was more precise. Maybe if I was an expert in medical analysis I would know all the ins and outs of conditions on a lab report.

I also seem to have gall bladder stones which resulted in some urination problem. Seem to coincide with Ron’s and Loo’s Iridology diagnosis about some kind of bladder issue. At first I thought it was just holding on too long without going to the toilet frequent enough, but from Steve’s result, it appears that I may have gall bladder stones that make it difficult for urination.

Also seem to have mild depression; now waitaminute there! That’s not possible, but the test result showed some chemical or hormonal imbalance. Hmmm… this is rather surprising. Could be subconscious thing or whatever. Though I have some frustrations about work issues, but this? Could be related. Oh, well. And furthermore I seem to have early onset of menopause. Uh, uh. Ok, ok. So looks like all this will have to be remedied. According to Steve, if the treatment goes well, I would feel more youthful by about ten years. Sounds good. Will have to look into his treatment solution later as I have to run then. Anyway, Lena will jot down notes on the nutrition stuff that I would need for remedy.

I guess everybody will have some form of ailment whether major or minor. Health fitness is a concern for everybody. There is no escape that our body is a bio-machinery that needs to be maintained well or it will break down leading to sickness. Anyway thank goodness mine there is no major problem.

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