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Finally fixed my website. After a long while evaluating which CMS to use, I’ve decided to go with Joomla. It has its advantages and disadvantages. And one of them is the URL which is not so SEO friendly. But I have encountered several websites where the URL isn’t SEO friendly and worse, they use the gibberish version instead of SEF URL.

Using CMS frees up the task of having individually create the pages and links in the website. Very versatile. Maybe too versatile because if the web page is found from a different route, the search engines might treat it as duplicate content which is a no-no as that would make that page fall into supplemental pages in the search engine result repository. What I would like if at all possible is for each web page to have some standing and chance of getting in into the search engine for its keyword searches. But I guest I can’t have everything. I want convenience to create pages, I want to rank high to get traffic… no can do. Choose one. And I chose the former.

CMS is great too when it comes to templates. Using some of the existing free templates, I chose when that was functional enough for my needs and modified the theme to suit the content. Now the website looks really spiffy and looks quite pro too!

But Joomla has its own weird way of handling internal links and I’m no programmer, thus I have no idea how to overcome or work around the strange way Joomla handles the web pages. Oh well, this shouldn’t be my main concern right now. I have this site up since last year and it is about time I try to draw traffic in. I have sufficient content for now all I got to do is keep dumping in good content, mind you, I need good, free, well written content and not those content that tries to promote affiliate products or their web business, but useful content that gives good pointers. This I will have to dig it out slowly. Beats writing and a well thought out article but in the end get copied anyway even if I impose strict copyright rule. May as well let it roam free but impose condition of linking back to my site if a copy is to be used. Just like entrepreneur magazine site.

Hope this site will fare better than my travel site. Must find another way of monetizing besides Google adsense. The takings are not high enough to live off the website. If only I can generate the kind of income equal to that of my job, then shall I have security in knowing that should my current new boss ever become a tyrant I can say sayonara because I don’t need the job security nor put up with all the nonsensical two-headed snake policy. Wish me luck!

[update 28/05/2013]
It’s been a long while since this post. I have decided to let go domain and switch over to to reduce my overhead cost. Haven’t been really updating the site, and besides, the home business section in the internet was way too crowded with many sites promoting home based business!

It goes to show there are many people desperately trying to find a way to supplement their income or find a way out of working with people with very restrictive working rules. Even if you jump over to another company, there may be other issues too. In the end, if you are looking for flexibility and financial freedom, striking out on your own is the way to go.

For myself, I have tried many, and so far, has not found any good viable income source. Looks like I still have to grit my teeth and work without much passion on my day job. With Google hammering many sites with their Panda and Penguin update, trying to find online income just got harder. Still it can’t be denied the power of online marketing even with the setbacks.

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