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Over the course of learning how to build a web site, I came across this term called mini sites. On further research I found out the use for such mini sites. Mini sites comprise just one page or a few pages and no more than that per each domain that a person might own.

It may strike you odd until you find out the reason behind it. They are used by internet marketers who want to sell their products using a direct response style sales copy on their web site. Their intention is to let the visitor just focus on reading the sales copy without any other links to distract the potential purchaser. The sales copy can be very long, but that’s how they want it to be, for the visitor to read it all the way down to the bottom of the page where a link would be provided to close the sale.

Another type of mini sites that I have come across serves up nothing but links to other sites with advertisement, usually the ads are made up of Google adsense lined up side by side with normal links. Their sole intention is for the user to visit the site and hopefully click the ads so that the owner will make some money online. This type of mini sites is just purely for making money and does not provide any services or information at all.

Mini sites are for the expert internet marketers who want to make money online or do business online. As for the latter mini sites that just fills the web site with links and adverts are doing so ethically or not will depend on each individual viewpoint. But personally, I find it irritating when I am searching for specific information and ended up on this kind of mini site which serve no real purpose except to make money for the web site owner.

However, the direct response style web site does serve a purpose and it is used for the sales and promotion of a product and services. Do note that the design, layout and content are structured in a different way compared to a content based web site.

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