Choosing your first Digital SLR for photography

When it comes to digital SLR photography equipment, only two brands come into mind – Canon and Nikon. These two brands are the best way to go for learning photography basics. No other brands has come up with the sheer amount of models and innovation as these two manufacturers.

Why not consider other brands of digital SLR like Panasonic or Sony? Well you could, but do bear in mind that Canon and Nikon has been in the digital SLR scene for a very long time. Many third party accessories have built their business around these two brands. Which meant that you could easily find an abundance of third party products and photography equipment in support of Canon or Nikon DSLR camera that you have bought.

In addition, if you feel you need to upgrade your camera to another model, you could easily sell it off. Being easy to dispose it as second hand, also meant that you could also easily find good quality second hand models and accessories to go with your photography equipment.

Depending on your budget there are three range of digital SLR camera you could choose from starting with starter models like Canon 400 series or Nikon D40 series. These digital camera models may be starter models for photography, but they surely are not lacking in features and may have new features that was not included in the mid range but older digital SLRs.

For shooting wedding receptions and sporting events that require a faster shooting mode to catch the fleeting moments, the mid range digital SLR that can handle about 5 or more frames per second shooting are worth considering.

And for those who have money to spend, the high end models digital SLR photography equipment of course would boast the best photo quality. Especially useful in the high powered glamour or advertising photo shoot where the picture may need to be enlarge extremely without losing any picture quality.

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