Correct Way of Mounting New Tires

Here’s a short video by Michelin on the correct way of mounting new tires. Normally we should rotate our tires regularly to wear out your tires evenly. In case you have not been doing that, you would find your front tires wearing out quickly instead of all four tires. So what most people do is that they replace the just one pair of tires and put the new tires in the front because our logic tells us that’s where the heaviest wear and tear occurs.

Even for me I did not realize that the correct way to replace the tires is at the rear. That means put your new tires on the rear and bring the old rear tires that still have thread left to the front. It seems that on a wet road, you can gain more control to avoid hydroplaning which would cause your car to spin out of control.

This video by Michelin demonstrates the difference between putting the one pair of tires in front versus the rear. And the correct way of mounting new tires is on the rear to avoid hydroplaning.

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