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I’ve kvetched about EMS Poslaju poor service, and I’m going to kvetch about it again! In fact this time its service is much poorer than my previous bad experience. And if you need to contact them to query about your parcel, you can find the telephone numbers here because the Pos Malaysia website is just feeding you wrong information!

You would have thought that Pos Malaysia Berhad being incorporated would run their EMS Poslaju Malaysia department like a corporate machinery. This just isn’t so; the EMS Poslaju is working worse than a third world country. How so, let’s start with this experience of mine.

My HQ sent a cylindrical parcel from overseas, it was a sample fabric for my customer to test on their machine. The first sample arrived without a hitch, and I promptly passed to my customer. The second sample sent over was a complete disaster!

The package arrived and was impounded by the Malaysian customs, unfortunately nobody from EMS Poslaju Malaysia inform me about it. Normally they would contact me about a package impounded by the Malaysian customs. Now this is the usual hanky-panky from Malaysian customs, because if you sent using other courier service like DHL, FedEx, TNT, OCS, etc, they never get their package impounded by customs. Everything goes smoothly except EMS Poslaju.

Perhaps EMS Poslaju is in cahoots with Malaysian customs or what I don’t know because I have to pay a custom clearance fee to get my parcels cleared and then it will be delivered to a distributing centre where I have to personally self-collect. So much for a door-to-door courier service where I have to self collect?! Sheesh!

EMS Poslaju Malaysia
DON’T CALL 1-300-300-300
Call EMS Poslaju KLIA 03-8787 2020
Or Brickfields Center 03-2263 2626

I didn’t even know it was impounded and was a bit busy that week until my HQ asked me whether I have received the sample package. With the consignment number in hand, I checked pos.com.my for the contact number which was 1-300-300-300. I was greeted with an automated answer and was requested to wait awhile as it said their telephonist was busy attending other customers. So I waited till the end where it again asked me whether to continue waiting or do something else. I tried several times and gave up trying to get through.

That’s it; POS Malaysia call centre number was a total sham!
So DON’T call 1-300-300-300 because nobody will ever attend to you!

So my colleague found a number direct to one of the EMS Poslaju distribution centre in Tun Sambathan (Brickfields) (Tel: 03-2263 2626)

I had to dial a couple of time before somebody picked it up. But they couldn’t do anything as the parcel was not with them. The parcel was in the KLIA customs, so they gave me another number to call the EMS Poslaju KLIA Custom Unit, the number was 03-8787 2020

Ok, so I call it, took two tries to get through, a lady picked up and checked the consignment number and said that the parcel is impounded and I need to call the International Enquiry (Pertanyaan Antarabangsa) section to find out what happen. The number was 03-8787 1122 extension 314 or 315.

And so I dial it in. Again I receive an automated answering similar to the 1-300-300-300 number, keying in the extension, I waited, and waited, and waited. Nobody answered. I tried the other extension and it was the same result. Perhaps they were busy, I thought. So I tried again later and it was the same, nobody answered.

Finally I got fed up and call back EMS Poslaju KLIA Custom unit and give them a piece of my mind. One lady insists that I call the International Enquiry the next day because they were closed at 4.45pm, so I ask, “Are you sure they went back at 4.45pm and not at 2pm? Because nobody pick up my call!”

After some grilling, another lady took the call, and after some exchanges, she said she will check it up for me the next day. Well I hope so, because all this running around passing phone call from one place to another was so frustrating!

So I’m going to see what happens the next day. EMS Poslaju service sure sucks!

[update 13/4/2010]
So they checked and replied to me. It seems the address was not clear and they couldn’t contact me because the phone number was not correct either and got nothing to do with customs. Still the passing the buck earlier was not good. They should have just checked for me and come back to me instead of asking me to call here, call there. Now waiting for my package to arrive.

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2 thoughts on “EMS Poslaju Malaysia Contact”

  1. Heri Agus Mulyadi

    Nombor penjejakan ialah EE 926535237 MY
    Sekarang saya CALL THE POSLAJU, MEREKA BERKATA BARANGAN SEKARANG DALAM JARKATA, KARENA posmen NO SERTAKAN invois, PP Sekarang saya SERTAKAN satu invois kepada anda, angka itu adalah kurang daripada harga pembelian, kerana invois mesti menunjukkan kepada CUSTOM.
    dengan nombor invoice 28742 kedudukan barang sampai saat ini belum sampai boleh saya dapat nombor contack phone di jakarta jika boleh info kan ke No. 0821 3534 1963. 0857 2953 8088. 0282 9145 199 by sms TQ

  2. thanks for the info! poslaju is being stupid to me too, not giving me info on company’s important documents, been calling here and there and nothing has been done, nothings works in this country! thanks again.

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