Using Fantastico De Luxe and Simple Scripts to install your software

One of the best thing about using BlueHost with the build in Fantastico De Luxe installs and Simple Scripts, it makes installation of any software like Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, etc a breeze. No need to read through various online instruction manuals, creating your own SQL database table and SQL user, just one click and with a few minor input and voila, your website is now up and ready to be used!

Using Fantastico De Luxe

Fantastico De Luxe and Simple Script Icons

First login to your BlueHost Web Hosting Account, scroll down to the software/services panel and click on that smiley face icon. Once you are in the Fantastico Control Panel, you are presented with a list of software scripts to choose for installing into your website.

Fantastico De Luxe Control Panel

For example if we choose WordPress for installation onto your website; we will be presented with some short information about the script. Click “New Installation” to proceed to the next step.

Fantastico WordPress Installation

Fill in the options for the installation, for example if you have several domain and sub-domains; choose the appropriate location for installation. You also need to decide which directory to install the script. Leave blank for the root of the domain, or if you are just testing or planning to install several scripts, you may decide on a directory to install it. For example, if you want to install WordPress so it shows up in, then fill in “blog” without the slash as the directory where you wish to install it.

Fantastico WordPress Installation

Key in your other various information like admin name, password, email, etc. Then press the “Install WordPress” button.

Fantastico WordPress Installation

Once the installation is successful, you will be presented with a page detailing what has been installed. You can email the details to yourself for future reference.

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