Finally removed my drupal installation

Finally it was done. Having used the 301 redirect for those web pages created in Drupal to this WordPress websites, I could safely uninstall my Drupal installation.

Before removing the Drupal installation, I made a quick backup of my .htaccess file. Drupal has a knack of modifying common files that it shares with . After a quick look around the root folder, I entered into the BlueHost Fantastico DeLuxe control panel, selected my Drupal installation, and zap it to smitherins.

Going back to the file manager to check my handiwork, I manually deleted any leftover unused folders. I also noticed that my robot.txt files was also missing, fortunately I had a previous back up which I restored it to the root folder. I also restored my .htaccess file which was deleted along with the drupal removal.

After cleaning up the bits and pieces, it was time to put up a new root homepage for visitors. I decided to use PHP extension rather than HTML. It has an added versatility that the normal HTML file types do not have. The new homepage was rather simple. Though I’m no web designer, it was good enough for me; after all the Drupal theme weren’t all that hot anyway. I kept the web site design of the homepage with a minimalist look. Just pure content. That’s what draws the visitors coming.

Making the homepage was also a bit of a learning experience. Though not much, I get to learn a few essential PHP codes that was required to get what I wanted done.

So finally it was up and running. Perhaps I might use this template for additional pages later. But for now, it will have to do.

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