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The news came as a shock to us all. Kenny’s simple medical procedure to drain fluid from his ear went smoothly without a hitch. However the doctor found something else and decided to do additional test to found out what it was. And today the result just came in and the prognosis was not good.

Lena gave me a call and asked me whether I received any news from her sister or anybody yet. I said no and asked her what it was all about. The test result from the hospital just came out and the diagnosis for Kenny was cancerous cells within his ear. This came as a shock to us all. Cancer has a way of spreading very quickly and this was not good news at all.

My wife side has a history of cancer. Her mom had colon cancer. It was remedied and she living really healthily. Now it was Kenny’s turn and this time it looks rather complicated. The tumor is in the head and there is no way to do surgical removal which is usually the best way to remove it. Radiotherapy was the option. Lena did say that some of her friends had ear-nose-throat cancer and did recover from the radiotherapy.

Now the only thing left was medical cost. Kenny and Rebecca are rather cash strap, so looks like all of us will have to chip in for his medical cost. He will need to look for cheaper medical facility so looks like the government hospital will be the best place to go.

Decisions will have to be made quickly now. In the meanwhile, we will have to vacate Lena’s slot appointment with Ron of Usana Products. Hopefully he could provide a non-invasive holistic cure for Kenny’s predicament. Of course if there is extra time, Lena would like to have consultation with Ron too. His iridology method of diagnosis and nutrition way of remedy has product many remarkable recoveries. I have heard many testimonies, so looks like it will have to be done for real now and hopefully there could be a reversal to the process.

Will have to keep our faith too and request for prayers from our church members for healing. I’m not too sure whether the acupressure would also be another avenue to attack the cancerous cells. But I guess anything is worth a try.

When your time is drawing near, you would look at the world and know that everything is just temporary. Only by God’s grace and forgiveness that we know there is hope in the future.

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