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Days are getting busier with the looming AGM coming into view in early April. Work at the office was filled with checking the arrangement of hotels and booking room reservation coupled with pre-checking of dinner menu. Because the head honcho of the company is coming over and we need to ensure everything goes smoothly according to request and arrangement.

In between, many suppliers are also making their presence felt with their visit in March in view of using up their travel budget before the end of their companies fiscal year which usually ends in March for most typical Japanese companies.

In addition, my church is now going into fasting and prayer month to pray for many things for the church as we go into the Easter celebration. Not to mention this Saturday the children church is also throwing an Easter party to spread the message of Christ. Thankfully this job was handled by one of the junior and he seems to be getting the hang of doing it.

Now my worship schedule is hanging in the balance as well and need to chase the worship leader and musician to slot in for the April roster. Kind of tedious to get them to reply quickly but can be done. But I’m partly to be blame for not sending out my request to them sooner. Looks like I will have to worship lead this Sunday…

Ouch, on top of that, my passport needs renewing! It seems if there is only six months balance I may not be allowed entry to another country. Talk about buzzeee!

Sheesh, I geuss my website will be delayed further for any implementation I have in mind. Not to mention my newsletter is going to be really irregular again. Not to say the traffic is that great but not too shabby either. But being the ultimate info about Cameron Highlands, means other lazy webmaster will just take my content verbatim. Some even tried to mask the content by changing a few words here and there, but I can tell it is still my info. Need to come out with creative way to thwart their irritating ways.

Can’t they just grab it from the newspaper instead? That is more public domain then my personal account. Need to rewrite, rewrite, REWRITE!

Water vending franchise business is really slow. Found out that previously my current location had severe competition with up to five machines competing for users! Now it has since dwindled to two machines. Mine and another. The coin collection is rather low since it is shared by two machines. I hesitate to do the launch promotion as I do not know what kind of backlash and under handed tactic the other business owner will do. Can’t do it now till the AGM is over anyway. Why so busy?!

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