How to Make Your Own Web Site for fun and profit


Welcome to how to make your own web site pages. To create a web site is not difficult as there are many tools available to get yourself started to build your first web page. You don’t need to be a high tech programmer to make a beautiful web site, though you may still need to learn some codes just to get the something extra out from your web site. For most people, fancy coding is not really necessary because the use of a web site is to disseminate information to the World Wide Web.

Running a web site nowadays is no longer reserved for the big wig corporate companies. With the cost of maintaining a web site coming down and the many free tools available, anybody can set up a web site be it for personal use or even to promote your own homebiz.

There are many ways to use your web site. It all depends on what you want out from your web site. Some use it for blogging to share their thoughts for the world to see, some use it to run a forum board for sharing information and ideas, and some use it to promote their business. Or perhaps you could use it for all of the above! Yes, run it as a hobby for fun, and perhaps even get some extra side income to fund your web hosting cost! It is quite easy to make your own web site to do any of the above!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of having a web site is to use it to make money online. It is like having an online jobs work from home kind of thingy. Something that you could do at home to earn an income without having to contend with rush hour traffic, demanding superiors, customers and co-workers. It is always great to see a web site which you make from scratch grow bigger and better with ever more web site traffic. It is quite a lofty dream to have a web site that is very popular.

So in this site, we will explore how to go about to make your own web site starting from scratch. I am using a few web hosting companies for my various web sites so I could provide some info on which web host for your consideration to start off to build your first web site. Each web host company is not the same and the price varies from company to company. There are also freely available hosting providers, however if you are into serious web site creation, free web hosting services are not advisable. Storage space and bandwidth transfers are very limited with some features like PHP not available, and some are ad supported which means that you would see advertisement placed by the hosting providers to pay for support of your free web site. And finally if you are running a business, a free web site only show that your business is not reputable or financially solid and customers may think twice about dealing with you.

There’s quite a fair bit of technical things and jargon to learn to understand what web hosting services is all about and how to choose one that is suitable for your needs. And of course, you want to do something special, you will need to delve in deeper a little deeper into things like HTML/CSS etc. Hey, don’t let those terms scare you off as they are not that difficult to learn. I myself am not a programmer either, I don’t know how to program JavaScript/PHP/Perl/etc but rather there are many scripts freely available which you could use it in your web site.

Without much ado, so let’s get started to make your web site not only for fun, but also for profit!

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