Multiposting hits a snag

I’m trying to create as much exposure as I can by using multiposting services like Twitterfeed which in turns repost to other multipost web apps like HelloTxt and Unfortunately something broke in Twitterfeed, it couldn’t recognize the API provided by I could of course shift most of my other social websites to HelloTxt but there will still be some websites that HelloTxt don’t handle plus has some features which HelloTxt don’t have.

In order to continue feeding my microblogs and RSS feeds to, the only workaround was to use Twitter which in turn feeds off to Twaitter and from there post to

It looks kinda complicated and it is actually as complicated as it sounds. The reason is that services like HelloTxt and are the only web apps I found that can do multiple post to other social websites. And Twitterfeed was a good website app to pull the RSS and post into these two web apps. Since now Twitterfeed is slightly broken, I needed to find another way to post to And the solution was either to use a plugin for WordPress, but my RSS feed was actually a combined feed so that was a good solution; or to use Twitter. So looks like Twitter won out because of Twaitter.

If your head is spinning now, well you definitely would the way the feeds are channeled from one service to another!

[update 30/6/2010]
Just found out why Twitterfeed / API was broken, decided it will not support Twitterfeed. So looks like have to find another way to propagate some of the post to those services not covered by hellotxt. got this service, but again it doesn’t look like it is working. I even signed for the superfeedr service to find out what it was all about. Way to complicated for me to understand. Until they get that superfeedr RSS service working to, is non-functional in the automode department.

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