My Calico Cat

My calico cat has been with me for six years and six months since February 2009! That makes her about 7-1/2+ years old since she was an adult cat when I took her in way back then (I figure I add another year to account for it). Here’s the post of how my calico cat came into my household. She’s one of the gentlest and a very patient cat. She doesn’t make loud cat meow when she wants food. And she will wait patiently for her cat food to be placed in her meal dish when I have many stuffs to unload from my car whenever I return home.

My calico cat

But she really likes her cat food and gets served 5 times a day! I think that’s too much for a cat, but that’s her nature. Whenever she wants her meal, she would just sit by the bowl indicating that she wants a meal. If you didn’t get the hint, she gave a short meow just to remind you briefly that she wants her food! I suppose each cat has their own unique character. But that makes her somewhat an obese cat. One that doesn’t like to roam about, sleeps most of the time and waiting for the next meal. That’s quite a nice quiet life!

She’s rather clean for an outdoor cat. Rather hardworking grooming herself. Though I should make it a point to give her bath. It’s been a long while, though she didn’t like to be wet as do most cats. But I just haven’t gotten around to do it. Procrastination seemed to be getting the upper hand…

Until now, I still haven’t came up with a name for her. I suppose she will be a cat with no name. I’ve gotten so used to calling her “cat”, “meow-meow”, “kitty-cat”, I guess those names stuck. I do have another few more nicknames for her, calling her “flower cat”, “lady cat” and “madam cat”. And recently a cousin of my suggested “Muji” after the popular Muji shop that brands itself as a generic no name brand but high quality goods shop. Oh, well… this is one cat with many names. She still comes to me any which way that I called out. Her ears are sharp, just by opening the doors she knows when to come out to greet me (and perhaps have a nice pat and meal again!).

And about greeting, she is always the first to greet me when I return home, and in the morning while my missus and I were rushing to work, she would be there by the door (and of course not to miss her breakfast). It’s quite nice to have someone to greet you when you are going in and out of the house!

I can’t let her into the house due to her excessive fur shedding. Her furs sure drops a lot! While giving her a pat, a pile would accumulate at her behind. And sometimes a clump would be blown into the house and I have to pick it up and dispose it. I have switched her cat food to fur control type but it just didn’t do much to control her heavy fur shedding. I suppose it is one of the reasons she grooms herself everyday to remove her shedding furs. Me patting her also helped to ease her grooming routine I suppose.

It is because she was not allowed into the house, and that’s where her longing lies. I think most cats nature are like this. Where you disallow them to go, they must insist to go. So once in awhile, she would sneak in and run all the way up to my top floor of the house. Give a sniff here and there, and when discovered, she would quickly run back out to the porch! Very often she would sit by the door and stare into the house, thinking when she might get a chance to live inside the house. Unfortunately she would not be granted her lifelong ambition. Too much fur shedding and of course objection from my missus!

My son has taken a shine to her, though I don’t let him pat her so much. She’s a little too dusty, but my son would wash his hands after gently giving her a short pat. I really need to give her a bath one day! My son is probably emulating me. At least he would get to learn about loving animals. He said he prefers cats over dogs much to my wife chagrin. In my household I seemed to be the only cat person around. My wife and particularly her mom don’t like cats, but have to tolerate my pet preferences.

I hope to have her until her ripe old age. Cats average life span is about 10 years. At her current estimated 7 years old age, that makes her about 50 to 60 years old against human average life span of 70-80 years. And I still have not come up with a good name for her!

To my faithful companion, Madam Calico Cat.
Goodbye my dear friend.

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  1. Such a lovely gentle cat..pray God that she pulls thro this great milestone in life…and u shld really give her a permanent name. .perhaps “Kelly” as in Calico =)

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