Nutrition way for cancer attrition

Today we visited a medical consultant who uses complementary medical method of treating cancer or tumour. My brother-in-law has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the standard method of cure using radiotherapy and chemotherapy was very damaging to his health. In addition, his high blood pressure and obesity wasn’t helping either.

However the alternative cure has not been widely documented either though we have heard of many testimonies of people getting cure from cancer/tumours just by going the nutrition way. The idea was to starve the cancer/tumour cells while at the same time enhancing the body immune system to fight against the bad cells.

This requires a very discipline mindset to follow a strict diet. The food choices can be very tasteless as under no circumstances sugar and salt be permitted in the diet. You have to throw out all red meat and poultry out the window leaving only fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts in the daily diet.

When my brother-in-law listened about the food that he could eat, he thought he would die from starvation. There was no other choice. It was either strict diet or the painful radiotherapy/chemotherapy that would result in risk of losing eyesight, hearing, non-production of saliva and thus taste, and other side effects. It was like having a nuke going off inside the head just to get at the cancer tumour cells.

The nutrition consultant was very confident and sure about his method because he has treated many patients and achieved remarkable recovery. His method wasn’t very far different from Mr Ron of Usana who has also claimed that he has treated several cancer patients. However the nutrition consultant was more credible as he has credentials to back his claim. His method also involved a very detailed blood analysis which are not normally done by the usual doctors. Based on his test result, he even claimed the cancer/tumour cells are at a minor stage or non-existent!

That was a little too much to bear, but we will have to see. In the meantime, my brother-in-law has to go all out now using this kind of treatment. We listened to the kind of vegetables and fruits that could be eaten and what to avoid. Apparently fruits that are sweet should be avoided because of the high sugar content which feeds the cancer cells. Rice and potatoes are also to be avoided. Looks like he has to eat a staple diet that from millet and grains. No bread, no rice, that’s kind of tough as one would go hungry real quick. But that’s the way to go. Starve the cells so that they will shrivel and let the body immune system kill off the rest.

Still there was a gnawing doubt, so looks like my brother-in-law would like to seek out a second opinion about this method. In the meantime, he has to go all out with this diet as he would be withdrawing himself from radiotherapy and chemotherapy method of killing the cancer / tumour cells.

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