Removed Infolinks Code

Finally removed Infolinks code since it conflicts with Kontera T&Cs. I had to remove the related tags as well when Kontera send me another mail saying that has to be removed too. I was still thinking of testing out Infolinks somehow. Since Kontera and Infolinks must not show at the same time, I suppose I will keep Infolinks in my Tumblr subdomain, and keep Kontera in my main domain and Blogger. Surely that wouldn’t violate any T&Cs?!

Haha, it is great that the powers to be in Kontera is reading my personal blog and noted that Kontera was a clear winner. They pointed out that I won’t be losing out on 50% on income because more would be clicking on Kontera. There is some logic to this I suppose. Will just have to have to wait and see if Kontera would double up on its earnings.

Usually if any website wants to get good returns, it should NOT be plastered with so many ads. The returns would be diluted. But for my study and reference, I’m only doing it in this personal blog of mine only. I won’t do it to my other websites.

And if you have a website that actually sells real physical goods, it would be well advised not to place any ads at all including Google Adsense as that would take away your potential customer and of course cheapens your product or services. Ads are for information website and blogs because there are no other products or services offered and the only way to recoup the time, effort and labour is by way of advertisement.

In fact if you can get direct ad placement directly with sponsors, your returns would be far more better than Google Adsense. You need good contact and network or at least you need to do some cold calling to get those sponsors willing to advertise directly with you. Well I’m not into that yet.

For now, it is just some extra pocket money from the few cents that comes my way via Kontera and various other monetizing ad machines.

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