The state of Streamyx is slowness aka Why is Streamyx so bl*** slow!!!

So Malaysia wants to join the rank of a develop country with everything at the tap of the keyboard and do everything online? Dream on man. With the current slow motion of Streamyx, I shouldn’t even call it broadband; it is more like a dial up pretending to be broadband. I’m sure many of my fellow Malaysian netizens would whole heartedly agree with me.

All you got to do is just key in this keyword “streamyx slow” in any search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN and you can see many blogs with many people ranting about the current sad, sad affair of Malaysia sole land line internet service provider giving users a bad, bad time.

Ouch, I could fall asleep just waiting for a page to load up. This snail’s pace has been picking up speed (as in slowing down…) since October. It seems to follow the sad affairs of the world economy. The economy downturn seems to have affected the vigour of Streamyx broad band speed. Economy down. Streamyx down. But what if economy is up? Nope, Streamyx speed still down. Ha ha!

When the internet connection is slow, there is a tendency for web page errors. Especially web site that are laden with JavaScript, Flash, widgets and other what nots. PHP with SQL also function horribly. And when you try to post something, the page just hangs and would not refresh leaving you wondering whether the information has been posted over into the database or not. My Facebook hangs, my WordPress blog hangs, my Gmail hangs, and just about anything also hangs. All you see the pretty little spinning animation of Firefox tab indication that data is still being process but in actual fact there is no data going through.

I wish there was a better alternative, but there isn’t any. All are pretenders or at least in this part of the world. So how lah? How can Malaysia join the internet world with this kind of tidak apa attitude from TMnet? Knowledge economy? Very funny. Perhaps Streamyx may call in the secret police and catch me under ISA for posting seditious posting about Streamyx poor internet connection and bemoan its inability to improve.

This pattern of slowness occurs every year without fail starting from October. And it will go on through December. Then it eases off and finally can get some kind of normalcy. And why doesn’t TMnet do something about its Streamyx lousy speed? Why? Because TMnet knows very well that we have no choice.

Izzi supposedly 3.5G has come and gone. My Church Pastor who was using it said it wasn’t very good. Sometimes cannot get good connection. Maxis and Celcom wireless 3G also not any better. Connection breaks and connects. You have to shift the wireless set around the house until you can get a good signal. Very similar to handphone because it uses similar system. Go to the back of the house and your signal sort of deteriorates.

Monopoly is bad. It only makes the sole provider arrogant. If you call their service line and ask them why the internet line is so slow, they will just reply that it is like that lor… line congestion ma…

What to do? Well, it is end of the year. Better skip surfing or blogging till the new year starts, that’s when the line will be somewhat normal. Hopefully. Argh, this post barely got through…


1 thought on “The state of Streamyx is slowness aka Why is Streamyx so bl*** slow!!!”

  1. that’s because, its school holidays laa….
    all the thousands, ten thousands or maybe hundred thousands…or wtv ppl like me, who got nothing else better to do will be chatting online, cloggin the bandwidth with massive RSS feeds update, leave the computer on 24hrs doing P2P downloading and downloading and uploading lots and lots of large torrents, watching vids on youtube, godtube, vimeo and etc, reading websites like on the speed of streamyx……..and the list goes on…..and….on…..and….on.
    U agree with me?
    Well, you should. Try surfing super early in the morning, like after 1am and before about 6am when ppl start to wake up and check their first email.

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