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Is Not Easy Making Money Blogging

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Everybody seems to be doing it thinking it is easy making money blogging, but the reality hits home when you try your hand at it. Still you hear of stories of people making tons of money online by blogging. And then some says it is easy to this, easy to do that and blah, blah, blah.

Recently I received a newsletter from WebProNews and the pro bloggers themselves also talked about the “harsh realities” of blogging for money. The keypoint they noted about making money by blogging:

1. “Free” is not a business model.
2. The push-button Internet cash machine is on the fritz.
3. You are not scalable.
4. No one actually wants that much authenticity.
5. Social media hates selling. (and yet, you have to sell)
6. A blog is not a business.
7. No one is reading your blog


Monday, October 4th, 2010

Just the other day, a SuperPages sales guy called up for an appointment, though I know it was not much point to advertise in such kind of Yellow Pages business directory, I have time to spare. I may as well entertain the poor sales guy making cold calling since I was in a similar boat do

ing sales.

When the SuperPages guy showed up, I made it clear from the start that my company wasn’t at all interested in advertising in business directory or any trade journals as it wasn’t relevant to our industry and frankly didn’t work at all. Of course with my cards laid out open the meeting should quickly be over. Being the usual do not take “no” for an answer sales guy he tried to explain the usage of Super Pages and that so many companies have place their contact details in Super Pages for the company’s presence in the business community. Got to give this sales guy A+ for his tenacity, but all his sales efforts are just in vain. (more…)

Build a better mouse trap and customers will beat a path to you

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Now tell me which marketing student haven’t learned about this phrase: “Build a better mouse trap and customers will beat a path to you.”

And you know what? It doesn’t work that way in real life and many marketing people will tell you that. Unfortunately those who didn’t

study marketing or blur about the marketing concept will continue to make the same blunder. They made a better product; but no customer beat a path to them unfortunately.

There are four basic fundamental marketing concept:
Production concept
Product concept
Selling concept
Marketing concept (more…)

Looking for an alternative income generation after Chinese New Year?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Looks like CNY is just around the corner. Almost everybody is winding up their businesses especially factory production. With the looming gloomy economic climate, many factories has taken this opportunity to extend the CNY holiday for a week or more in an effort to reduce production overhead cost. Some has even decided to cut employees salary as a move to reduce expenses. Though family reunion dinner celebration is a must, it looks like a mixture of “glad to be still alive but have to tighten belt” to face an uncertain future.

It is unfortunate the world economy has to centre itself on the biggest consumer market namely the USA. Whenever their economy goes down, so does the whole wide world. The cycle of wax and wane of the world economy has a very predictable pattern which no one seems to bother except the academics. It roughly follows a 10 to 11 years of boom and bust cycle. Some scientist even wonders whether it has something to do with the solar cycle activities which also follows a 10-11 year cycle. Strange coincidence indeed. The world’s economy is like a bubble, it just need a flashpoint to trigger it and the house of cards would just come tumbling down. (more…)

Social web sites and what are they good for

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I’m sure many have jumped into the bandwagon signing up for all the social web sites (Facebook anyone?). And if you make your own web site, you definitely want to latch on to this phenomenon. But are all these social web sites crack out to be? What are they good for anyway? (more…)

How’s the economy?

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

A lot of things whiz by very fast nowadays. If Einstein space-time theory is anything to go by, time seemed to have speeded up. I found myself with less time to do just about anything; having to squeeze in time a little here and a little there to get things done. No wonder people we are getting so stressed up in life! (more…)

Internet Marketing Project

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

This is also very slow going, perhaps is the learning curve and the need to put together the disparate web components from various website to make it truly a complete workable income generating system.

So far, only my Site Build It! website is generating positive income from one year plus of hard work. (more…)