Google Reveals Adsense Revenue Share

Finally the Google gods revealed their Adsense revenue share. It is good to have some idea what is their pay out to us poor publisher who rely Google Adsense to power our websites. This may have something to do with the Italian anti-trust suit brought up against them. Nevertheless the transparency is a welcome information.

The Adsense revenue share was revealed to be 68% for content publisher. That means out of the 100% paid out by advertiser to Google, we get 68% and Google keeps 32%. For search, 51% is paid out to publisher. And that revenue share has been like that since their launch in 2003 for content publishing and 2005 for search.

It looks like a lot, but if you see the flashing dollar sign and decided to quickly hop on into the blogging bandwagon you got to know, payout is based on click throughs, no clicks no payment. And for each click, the revenue is a paltry one cent to ten cents or more depending on how much the advertiser wants to bid on the search term. The more competitive and demanding the niche topic, the more they have to bid, and of course the higher the payout to the content publisher. And there are also those instances where the payout is just zero. Yes, zero, zilch, nada! I see it in the Adsense reporting, there was click throughs, but there were no earnings. Very likely the search terms hasn’t got much demand that the advertiser can bid for almost free, and so no payout to content publisher when there is a click through.

A few cents here and a few cents there, it takes a long while to accumulate the amount. And you would think blogging is easy to make money? It takes time to research and then write a well written piece. Of course if you want to gossip on your blog, than you won’t earn much from it. A flip-flop blog, will just gets you flip-flop earnings.

And that’s what I see in the comments from those who read about this article on Google revelation on revenue share. They complaint it was not enough, the ratio should be higher, blah blah blah. Some people think Google uses underarm tactics to get their way, etc. Hey don’t bitch about it! Google don’t owe you a living, they just provide a vehicle for you to earn some potential bucks; where you want to drive it, it is entirely up to you. If your blog is uninteresting, and you get about $10 to $50 per month you should thank your lucky stars you get anything at all! For me I do much better than that, thank you!

Here’s some interesting bits from Google adsense team comment from Arlene:

The 68% revenue share for AdSense for content applies to all online publishers, and is not an average revenue share. If you’re showing AdSense for content ads on your pages, you’re receiving 68% of the amount advertisers pay for those ads. While the revenue share can vary for some major online publishers with whom we negotiate individual contracts, these amounts are not in any way averaged together. Also, there isn’t anything additional taken off the top. You get 68 percent, period.

In fact all along I thought the revenue share I was getting was about 30% until this revelation. So for me, I think it is not too bad. And if you don’t like the revenue ratio, you could always sign up with other content advertisers some of which claim they give higher ratio but don’t fare as well as Google adsense in terms of click throughs based on my experience so far.

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