Malaysia Download Speed Comparison

I really can’t take this slow motion internet connection. But what other choice do I have? Just checked Malaysia download speed and guess what I dug out? Found out that Malaysia is ranked #104 at 1.94Mb/s for download and ranked #86 at 0.72Mb/s for upload. Sounds nice? Not if you compare with our nearest neighbours and you would see we are hopelessly outclassed.

Singapore is ranked #31 at 8.47Mb/s (download) and at #49 at 1.25Mb/s for upload. For a small country whose cost of living for having a meal is on dollar to dollar basis is still cheaper than Malaysia, we are surely lagging behind!

For our northern neighbour, Thailand is ranked #62 at 3.96Mb/s for downloads and #63 at 1.01Mb/s for uploads. And their cost of living is not much different than Malaysia.

The top of the list is still Korea they are #1 for both download speeds at 33.91Mb/s and uploads speeds at 17.95Mb/s.

Slow-mo is fine if you are watching an action sequence for that suave action moves made famous by director John Woo. But if you apply that on an internet connection, you will surely fall asleep in front of your PC waiting for a page to load. Can hardly do anything! Even while I’m tapping out this blog on my Office Word, I’m still waiting for the dashboard of my blog to load up. I think I will finish writing this piece before even the WordPress post up form gets loaded up!

To think that Malaysia is supposed to move into the knowledge economy when even the basic infrastructure can’t even progress to a comfortable level leaves me shaking my head with such disbelief!

Hey TM/Streamyx! Why your speed so poor? Do you need another competitor like P1 WIMAX with their “potong wayar” advertisement to spur you into improving your internet broadband service? You’re happy with the government supporting you by coming down hard on your competitors for the somewhat distasteful ad dished out by P1? It did the job last year, I got better internet connection during the ad blitz from P1 WIMAX, but now after they have quieten down, TM/Streamyx is back to their old slow motion trick again.

One my friend always said in his Facebook that TM is cheating his money again. Paid for 1Mb/s package but get 0.1Mb/s connection. Not just my friend is complaining. Just Google and see, so many blogs complain about TM/Streamyx “sucks” and “arrrgh” and you know, all the frustration of using the so called broadband connection. I think dial-up would fare better!

Even our various MPs are Twittering about TM/Streamyx slow motion broadband services. That’s how bad is TM/Streamyx service. Maybe because they are opposition and BN got a bone with them, that they employed TM to sabotage their connection? After all, opposition did very well in last general election with the help of internet marketing so to hobble opposition activity, BN requested TM to reduce the internet speed to a crawl and by doing so the collateral damage would be to us regular users is acceptable for BN? Haha, maybe this conspiracy theory is a little too deep, but it might just be plausible given the several twits of complaint about Streamyx poor level of service I see in Twitter!

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