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If you are new to internet marketing SEO, you will be asking just what in the world is that? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. As per its namesake, it means doing web activities that will somehow increase your web site visibility so that when people are looking for a particular topic that you are knowledgeable in, they should be able to find your website.

It is so important now days to have your website appear at least in the top three pages of a web search. Seldom web surfers go beyond the third page during their search for relevant information. And if your website cannot be found, you will get little or no traffic. And without traffic, what’s the point of having a website in the first place?

This is especially important if your website fuels your business and without the high ranking, you get no chance to meet with potential clients.

No web traffic = No customer potential

The real life brick-and-mortar world, the all important location, or what retail marketers would call it one of the P in the 4Ps namely Placing, is what will help in getting your potential customer traffic. Good location (place) will generally mean paying higher rental but with greater visibility and higher potential customer traffic, there is a greater chance of closing a sale.

Likewise in the virtual world of marketing even though there is no solid location, since everything is virtual, the ranking in a search engine page for a particular keyword would be considered as your “location”. To get into that first page is no easy task, since there are just as many other web site with similar theme as yours vying for the same spot. And the higher rental in the real world would equate as in more effort to promote your website visibility either via organic search or paid internet advertising.

Think of your web ranking like the billboard charts, if a song is the in the top #10 or top #40 or say even the top #100, you got yourself a potential hit song. And there is a cycle too, your song becomes more visible to music lovers and thus a higher chance they may want to purchase your music for their listening pleasure. And the best of the best will be in the top #10 list and the people would want to get the best music for their collection. And that’s where you want to aim your website in your particular area of topic.

To rank well in your particular topic, you will need some web tools. You will need to do certain activities. You will also need to know that some activities are acceptable, this would be known as White Hat SEO, and some activities are undesirable and frown upon by the search engine and masses, and you got it, it is called Black Hat SEO. You may even be unaware that you are doing some Bad Hat SEO activities, so do be careful when doing your SEO as you can get yourself ban by the search engines and that’s not what you want to happen. Getting ban would mean getting drop out of web searches, and you will need to clean up your web site of those nasty Black Hat SEO stuffs and do the troublesome appeal to the search engine company for re-inclusion into their web searches, which can take months!

So do it right first time and have a little patience, because like wine, it takes time for a website to mature and grow. It can take as little a few months for your web site to be listed in the web searches or it can as long as 6 months to more than a year!

In the meanwhile, while waiting to be listed in the search engine in the proper keywords searches, keep chugging along in building your website and before you know it you are there amongst the best of the best!

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