IPServerOne.com Malaysia web hosting review

To make your own web site, you need web hosting provider. When it comes to web hosting for personal use, you need one than is not only affordable and cheap, but most important reliable and easy to use.

This review may not be in depth or accurate enough as I do not have access into the inner workings of IPServerOne web hosting. This review was just based on what was provided on their web site. A quick look at their web site provides the usual information of web hosting, dedicated hosting and co-location hosting services with the usual information about monthly transfer bandwidth, storage space, domain management, emails, etc. Since for most home users, homebiz and small businesses, shared web hosting services would be the one to aim for because of affordability. Usually web hosting company will promise 99.9% uptime which would be true most of time.

IPServerOne Web Hosting Review

However what I would like to note down here is that not all web hosting is the same and you will need to watch out for ease of use because as an individual user, you have to manage the web hosting on your own and not rely on expensive outsourcing which drains your limited resources.

For starters, most will sign up for the lowest package which is the shared web hosting. Shared meaning when you make your own web site, you will share the same server with other web sites in the same server. The good point about this is it helps to lower the cost of running your own web site because of sharing with many web sites in the same server. The downside is when there is a web site traffic surge on one of the shared web site; there is a risk of bringing down any web site that uses the same hosting server. In most case, these are quite rare and thus you can be relatively secure on the 99.9% uptime.

For ease of use, they have user control panel using the Direct Admin Web Control Panel which you can use to set up your emails, FTP, subdomains, MySQL database, file managers to name a few important items if you sign up the using the Linux server. Personally I would prefer a Linux server as you would be able install many open source script onto your web site like WordPress, Joomla, PHPBB etc. Of course if you prefer Windows based server to use ASP or .NET functionality you could choose Windows instead.

Unfortunately IPServorOne do not having Fantastico DeLuxe or Simple Scripts for trouble free automated software script installation. So you will have to install and upgrade software script the old fashion way – manually!

That is still not too bad if you are kind of a geeky technical whizz. However what is not clear on the web site is how many MySQL database can you install? My guess is only one. And that is definitely not enough if you plan to install many software script on one web site or several web sites (you can have up to 10 domains for RM199/yr package) on your web hosting package. For most casual user, one MySQL database would be enough, just enough to set up a blogging site. However if you are a power user, an experimenter or even and internet marketer, one MySQL database is not enough.

Another point that was not clear on the web site was whether the domain would be provided free of charge if you sign up with them. Do note that a domain without a regional suffix (eg .com, .net, .biz, etc) is cheaper to obtain than a regional domain (eg .com.my, .net.my, .edu.my).

You will need to contact them and clarify on these two points.

If you plan to set up a domain for email hosting mainly to reflect and bolster your homebiz or small business correspondence image, they do provide anti-spam and antivirus feature. There is no escaping the fact that it is very easy for spamming sites to capture your email address easily and the anti-spam would help to reduce your inbox sorting workload.

As this company was established since 2003, and have several key accounts like LowYat.net, u-mobile, Denise Wine, to name a few who are using their web hosting. Perhaps it might be worth considering for web hosting to make your own web site.

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IPServerOne Malaysia Web Hosting

Update 23/1/2009

My elder bro-in-law was going for a web site makeover and asked me for a Malaysian web hosting company. Apparently the one that his web site designer sign up for had very slow email servers and bad web mail interface. I gave him a list of Malaysia web hosting company and he settled for IPserverOne. Seems like he is quite happy with this one for email at least. His web designer is still creating his web site. Not cheap! Costing about RM2500+. Well my bro-in-law wanted a changgih web site, and I can only make simple ones. Will have to wait and see how the web site comes out. Can’t wait to get hold of his control panel. Then we will have real review!


7 thoughts on “IPServerOne.com Malaysia web hosting review”

  1. this is a real joke abt ipserver one and they don’t appreciate customer or them self ..
    1. Their web site is base on FREE PHOTO.
    (a company not even willing to pay for the image, what did u expect they going to provide you ?), some ppl might argue they save the cost and spend on their hard ware but would you stay with a company on low budget ?

    2. Talk is easy. Package is nice. (you sign up and you will find out)

  2. I do agree with Haha. I sent sale enquiry email to them before I signup their service, I din’t get reply after untill now. you can imagine how good is their service. I am lucky because they din’t reply my email and save my money. haha
    Many blogger is recommend this web hosting company because they get post paid. Don’t waste your time to read or subscribe this kind of blogger, because they never take responsibility on what they write.

    1. Dear People,
      You wound me. advertlets may have paid me for the above initial review, but do you notice how subtlety I mentioned that I don’t know how good is IPserverOne because I couldn’t access their control panel? They almost didn’t want to pay me.

      Well now that I have access, I can say honestly it is quite alright. I have access to various web server from local ones to overseas ones as well, so I do have an inkling what is good or not. How about you? Do you have access to any servers? Just one? Then how the h*** would you know what is good, what is not? And why do you guys do not have the guts to put your own name instead of hiding behind some inane id? You got something against bloggers?

      Granted that this is a service based industry, and good service means good response. You mentioned you just received their reply until now. What was the duration of the reply? 24 hours? 2 days? 3 days? Over the weekend? I don’t know much how IPServerOne working policy but do know that sales section for most companies including overseas ones are from Mon-Fri. I’m not siding IPserverOne, but what is important when using a webhost of course is good working relationship.

      Take the case of Bluehost when I was having slow server issue, finally after requesting them to find out what the root cause of slow server they decided to allow my a/c to migrate to another server to solve the slow server issue.

      Let’s take another case, Webserver.com.my, their service is pretty good too though hosting on it is rather more expensive. I call them about some issue, they explain what was their problem, then they try to resolve your issue.

      This just came into mind. Most of us usually want to save cost as much as possible, so we would tend to look for the cheapest hosting solution possible. You pay for what you get usually. Cheap web hosting, then don’t expect too much from it whether from sales service standpoint and web hosting ability.


  3. No more IPServerOne, get from someone else, emerge, godaddy, yeahhost, hostpro, hostgator or anything you can name!

  4. ive found a good article on malaysia’s top web hosting providers.
    read it here :
    Malaysia Web Hosting Review

    [editor’s note: very simple review. not in depth enough.]

  5. malaysia web hosting review HERE – malaysiatophost.com

    [editor’s note: this website is a copy of the previous comment! Don’t they know duplicate content is a big no-no especially with Google?]

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