Kitten Growing Bigger

I have decided to call him “Casper”. Much like the friendly ghost, Casper has a knack of disappearing in the house! Hiding around corners and bushwacking ankles when walking by! Sometimes hiding under tables… hide and seek!

I’ve been trying to train it to stop biting my hands and legs; not quite easy as cats are rather difficult to train, but I think it is getting the idea that biting people is bad. The sticky tape seems to do the job of deterring him somewhat. Oh, man, the healing scars on my legs are testament that cats are just cats and they can get wild sometimes.

Casper is very hyper active and is such a joy seeing him chasing after balls and bits of string (until of course he starts biting people)! Its growing well, and I should be taking him to see the vets soon for his shots. Need to borrow a travelling cage from a friend first; Casper is just to panicky and timid for the ride to the vet.

And when he is tired, well he’ll sleep on my lap!

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