Internet Marketing Secret SEO

Internet Marketing Secret? What is SEO.

I want to be found online!

Who doesn’t? What’s the point to make a web site when its existence is as obscure as a hermit living out in a cave? Just building a website alone doesn’t mean that increase web site traffic will come in automatically and that it will grow by itself. It needs work. It needs smart work.

The coveted spot would be first page in any search engine especially that of Google which covers at least 60-70% of the search engine. The top four search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Any other smaller ones are considered aggregate to the big four. Many tried to beat the big boys by coming out with new and better ways of listing web sites but most has fallen short. So concentrate on the big boys and you would be fine.

Is there an internet marketing secret to get found? So what is this thing called SEO? SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way to say that, “Hey, we have created a web site related to this subject and we would like to be found when people search for that particular topic.”

For example if you make a web site on the topic or theme about dog food, you definitely would like to found when people search for information about dog food. So your keyword for your web site would be “dog food” and its derivative. So, what you need to do is to sprinkle this keyword all around your web site, so that when the search engine spiders come around they would find this keyword and store it in their database.

When people search for that related keyword, hopefully your web site would be listed amongst the various countless other web site with the similar content. Sounds easy, no? Wait a minute, countless other web site? Yep, as of last check, there are 40 million + web sites with this keyword and chances are it could be found somewhere in page xxx (fill in your figure) of the search engine. Now who would go so deep to find your web site? As most research goes, most people would go as far as page 3 to find what they are looking for. A few might go deeper up to page 5 or onwards, but that would be rare.

Then how would your web site get found? Ah, that’s where Internet Marketing SEO comes in and there is no secret to it. Just a matter of using the right tools and working smartly and doing the right things. Only problem is that it will cost you to use the tools. Wordtracker comes to mind. How it works is that you key in a general keyword which you think people would search and it will check its database for related topics and provide a number. The bigger the number meant that more people were searching for that topic. Usually the bigger number referring to a general keyword would also mean a lot more web site providing the similar information.

How to work smartly around it, you would need to purchase the Wordtracker services where they will show you the demand side versus the supply side. The free version only shows the demand side so you won’t know the difficulty level of achieving some degree of search engine ranking. If the demand is greater than the supply, probability is you get a fighting chance climb up in that related keyword. It won’t be easy, but it could be done. If you are diligent in building your web site, you can be found.

A normal web hosting company would not provide this keyword research service. You will have to separately subscribe to Wordtracker for it. However if you purchase Sitesell’s Site Build It (SBI) web hosting solution, this keyword research tool comes included. SBI may be expensive on first look, but if you consider not just the keyword research tool that it comes with, but the many extras, the sign up cost is very much worth every cent paid. If you add the cost of a normal web hosting account and Wordtracker service, it would cost more than signing up with Sitesell’s SBI package.

There are also many SEO companies offering you their services promising to get your web site onto the first page of your required keyword, but those are even more expensive and do not have holding power on the search engines. Usually what they do is that they will try to “game” the search engine system, you will climb up very quickly in a few short months, and then very quickly too, fall off the charts.

The thing is Google and other search engines know what these guys are trying to do and find their tactics questionable. Google and others would tweak their algorithm to kick out people who resort to these methods of getting high rank on search engines. In one year alone, Google has changed or modified 400 aspect of the algorithm. The SEO people would than try to reverse engineer the required tricks on how to rank high again in the search engines.

Actually why bother trying to fool Google and others? It takes too much work and it is costly if you hire those SEO companies. The main importance is that you get your general keywords correct, create content that is firstly useful to visitors who are looking for such information and the secondary objective to the search engine robots who are doing the documentation for the related keywords.

When you get this right, there is no need to game your web site to fool the search engine to make your web site rank high. Just create good content for the visitors with the related keywords, and with some patience, you will find your web site traffic start to grow and grow. As they said, content is king; there is no internet marketing secret here, just with the help of keyword research tool, and getting your direction right, and with good quality content and the crowds will come. Good luck in growing your web site traffic. Wish me luck too! I can see my web site traffic growing month by month as I build it up more and more!


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