Types of web site you can make

There are many types of website that you can create. It all depends on what you have in mind before you make your own web site. Website can be very simple or very complicated. But what we want to explore here is creation of a website for the lay person who may have no knowledge or basic knowledge of what a website is all about.

Broadly speaking, we can simply categorize website into:

  1. Homepage
  2. Blog site
  3. Forum

Homepage – they are usually structured with first tier, second tier, third tier and so forth, very much like a pyramid. Most website fall into this category as it is easy to navigate and look for the relevant information.

Blog site – blog site are more like a journal, and it is based on when an article is posted. With the most recent article queued up in the front. It can be structured somewhat by way of categorizing the posting. But this will depend on the software or feature available. But more often then not, it will be linear based rather than structured as compared to a homepage website.

Forum site – forum site has no structure at all, and it doesn’t has any structured written articles either. All content are contributed by the public who sign up as members. It is a very casual site and just about anything goes, though the topic discussed will be loosely based on the site theme.

Of course you can further classify website type to further subdivision and categories, but generally they fall into one of the above style of web site.

Basically, a website is used for the dissemination of information. The World Wide Web is all about information, the flow of information, the selling and buying of information. The internet is like a vast sea of flowing content that can reach out to the furthest corner of the planet. As long as there is a line of communication and access, the information can be channeled there.

So what kind of website should you choose for yourself? It all depends on what you want to do with it. If you are just planning to put your personal thoughts and comments on a regular basis for all to see, then go for a blog. But if you want to have a structured approach in organizing your information, then create a proper website for easier navigation and viewing for the visitor.

But don’t let that limit your website creation; you could combine the website types together. You can start with a homepage and add on to it a blog and a forum. After all, the website is yours for you to do whatever you want. But bear in mind that you want your visitors to return to your website again and again. So a nicely designed website will give the visitor a good experience and will make them want to return again should they need to look for a particular information, or to check what’s new since their last visit.

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