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Text formatting video tutorial

These are some of the basics of HTML code that you should at least know when you make your own web site. This is useful not only in your own web site, but also when you want to make post and comments (if the option is available to you).

The basic tags that you should at least learn are:

  • P – the paragraph
  • U – underline
  • B – bold (or STRONG – strong bold characters)
  • I – italics (or EM – emphasis)
  • Center – centering text
  • BR – line breaks
  • HR – horizontal line

The above tags are pertaining to the formatting of your web site. In addition you may want to learn the font tag to change the font style and size, though nowadays the current convention is to use CSS to control the font properties.

Other important HTML tags that you should master are:

  • A – anchor tags for linking
  • TABLE, TR, TD – the table tags for creating tables and boxes
  • UL, OL, LI – listing tags, unordered and ordered versions.

As go along making your web site, you should also pick up other HTML/CSS code and if they are useful to you, you could incorporate them into your web site. There are many HTML/CSS tags available, however not all of them would be useful to you. Though it is good to know, then when you need to them, you could look them up and apply it on your web site. Basically for me, I use the above tags the most often. If I do need to use the less common tags, I will look up on some reference site and then apply it on my web site.

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