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A New Year and looking at ways to reduce expenditure

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Time sure flies really fast. I guess the rat race is non-stop. Before you know it, 2 months has already passed since the New Year, including the Chinese New Year celebration! Year 2016 bode some very challenging times ahead for work and personal. And the scandal involving top politicians and their uncaring policy is causing lots of hardship to the day-to-day people.

I could berate about such supercilious politicians who just want to hang on to their position. Reading the daily news just make us feel hapless when those that want to make a change, gets kick about. Sigh! Such is the situation when our beautiful country is heading towards a police like state as one of our former PM said. (more…)

To my faithful friend, Madam Calico Cat

Monday, October 19th, 2015

My phone rang this morning, and I felt uneasy to receive such an early call from the veterinary clinic. Alas the news was not a happy one as they informed to say my dear faithful Madam Cat has passed on. It was a blow to me as I was looking forward to have her for at least a few more years.

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