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To my faithful friend, Madam Calico Cat

Monday, October 19th, 2015

My phone rang this morning, and I felt uneasy to receive such an early call from the veterinary clinic. Alas the news was not a happy one as they informed to say my dear faithful Madam Cat has passed on. It was a blow to me as I was looking forward to have her for at least a few more years.

My Madam Calico Cat, goodbye my dear friend

My Calico Cat

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

My calico cat has been with me for six years and six months since February 2009! That makes her about 7-1/2+ years old since she was an adult cat when I took her in way back then (I figure I add another year to account for it). Here’s

the post of how my calico cat came into my household. She’s one of the gentlest and a very patient cat. She doesn’t make loud cat meow when she wants food. And she will wait patiently for her cat food to be placed in her meal dish when I have many stuffs to unload from my car whenever I return home.

My calico cat


Cat Behaviour

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

There is no fixed rule on cat behaviour. Each cat that I had was pretty individualistic although you might spot some similarity. And between a stray-in-the-wild cats versus that of a domesticated house cat, again there will be differences in their cat behaviour as well.

Having had 4 house

cats, I could give some general cat behaviour and yet each has their own idiosyncrasies. There are many books written about general cat behaviours but somehow, some don’t quite seem to match with those that I experience, while some seem to correlate. If cat could talk, we might know more about they were thinking but alas no, they can only meow, and we leave it to the social cat researchers to dig out some of those unfathomable meows.

It has also been said that their fur markings is an indicator of cat behaviour as well and it is closely related to their genetic mark up. The fur marking is also an indicator to their pedigree that is related to the cat, and like dogs, each pedigree will exhibit their own characteristics. (more…)

Calico Cats

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Guess who came a calling? Not any cat but a calico cats variety. It was strange cat behaviour but I believe this calico cat must have been previously owned by someone. It was walking around my house backyard and making loud meowing. If I didn’t know better, it was looking for a home and shelter. Unfortunately I simply just cannot take in any cats due to my wife having very sensitive skin and would result in terrible skin rashes that are very difficult to heal.

Calico Cat

Calico Cat


Requiem for Cika the cat

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

We lost another cat again. And this time Cika was not even a full time cat for us. He was our neighbour’s cat, and he always drop in for hello. A nice long 5 to 10 minutes of patting and a bowl of cat food, with two shakes of a tail, and off he went for stroll into the outdoors. (more…)

Requiem for Casper

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

It was four days before Christmas, the day before our family vacation trip to Kuching, ironically a city named as cat in the Malay language that my pet cat Casper has gone missing.

He has not been eating well before his disappearance, having had some diarrhea and loose stool. He must have eaten something incompatible with his stomach during one of his adventurous romp in the house backyard and outdoors. He was quite a hunter able to catch many insects, roaches, lizards and rats and any other creature that arouse his curiosity. But his favourite prey has always been the lizard. Despite the fact that some lizards were out of his reach high up on the wall, he manages to catch them somehow. (more…)

Signs Your Cat is Ill

Saturday, May 13th, 2006


Signs Your Cat is Ill
Saturday May 13, 2006

AFPphotoWhen properly inoculated, fed and cared for, cats tend to be healthy creatures.

Many only visit their vet when it’s time for their annual booster shots. But many die from disease when their owners don’t recognise they are ill, or because of delays in seeking medical attention. (more…)

Cats can catch Bird Flu

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Cat found with bird flu in GermanyOh, boy! Cat owners beware! Just recently this news atricle caught my eye, “Cat found with bird flu.” Now that’s a thought. With my pet cat, Casper roaming all over the place I wonder it would be wise to confine him in the house instead. Not easy considering he is such hyper active little fella. (more…)

Alley Cats

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

The light grey strayThere seems to be many cats around the back alley these few days. Cats growling and howling at each other probably vying for a female’s attention or crossing path with other dominant males. Seems like Casper was able to hold his own ground. I didn’t see him running away like he used to. Casper had been his premium cat food pellet which the vet says will definitely give him bulk as compared with tuna can food. I guess he was right. Casper is a little bit bigger now, but he still demands for his tasty Japanese Careline tuna fish! Well once a day every evening and that’s it! He will have to settle his hunger with the premium food pellets. (more…)

Casper’s Bath Day

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

Fuzzy fur after the bath. Boy does Casper not like taking bath at all!I suppose all cats hate bath. Mine is no different, but I do need to give him a shower once in awhile at least to clean him up a bit, and wash off any potential ticks or fleas. Considering that he likes to roam around the neighbourhood a lot.

With the hot weather today, it seems like a good idea. After one of his afternoon romp, I took him into the bathroom and showered him as usual. Nope, he didn’t like it one bit as usual, but it was necessary. And I think he hated it even more when I toweled him dry. He made lots of growling noise and tried to run away from me. Just needed to dry him a little and he can lick dry the rest by himself.

With the hot sunshine, I put him out on the front porch. With the hot sunshine combined with his licking, I guess he would dry in no time. Guess what, even before he was dry, he decided to go gallivanting around already! No amount of calling him would get him back!

Oh well, hope he won’t soil himself unnecessarily otherwise another shower when he gets back!