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Creating your html file does not require any special software. Just a basic text editor and a browser is all that is needed to make your web page. When you save the file, just be sure to change the extension from .txt to .html. Then preview it on your favourite browser. You can further test it by uploading it onto your web site and see how it will be displayed.

The structure of the web page is simple, and it consists of the head and body section. The head section is where you would place your Meta information about your web page and insert codes like JavaScript or CSS to render the web page, while the body section is where your web page content resides.

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All web pages will follow the above structure.

Let’s create your first web page! We will create a file called index.html.
Start up your notepad or similar software and key in the following:

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Save the file as index.html and use your favourite FTP software to upload your file to the root section of the web site. Usually that would be located in public_html folder. Key in your web site address URL in your favourite browser. If you can see the words, “My First Web Page” and “This is my very first web page”, congratulations! Your web site is now live and working! Of course it looked a bit boring, to make a beautiful web site you need to know a lot more HTML coding and structure it to display the content.

If after mastering the HTML/CSS codes and you have a flair for designing and creating a beautiful web site, you could create an awesome looking web site that would be unique to world wide web.

Sometimes the fastest shortcut to create a web site is to obtain web site templates either free or paid, and use it on your site. Another idea would be to get an existing web site and start modifying the template to customize it to your needs. This would be a faster way than trying to build a web site from scratch. Besides, not everybody got the flair of designing. Even for myself I am not good at illustration and designing, so the easiest way for me was to take an existing web site template and start modifying it from there. If the changes are substantial, you could make the web site your own because it no longer resembles the original template.

In order to modify a web site template, you will need to learn the basics of HTML/CSS and of course a good handy reference that would help you to understand what to modify to get your desired result. Take it one step at time, and slowly build your HTML/CSS knowledge and understanding. Before long you could create a beautiful web site of your own.

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