Adding images to your website video tutorial

What’s a web site without pictures? A boring web site. So when you make your own web site, you cold spice it up with beautiful photos. This is especially important if you are making travel destinations related web sites, wedding photography web sites, or any web site that requires the motto, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Oh, and don’t go overboard by just having a web site that is composed nothing but pictures. Nope. That won’t do. That still makes for a boring web site (unless of course it is the… um, ahem! You know what I mean). What drives people to your web site is good quality content. A good balance and mixture of words and pictures can truly make for an interesting web site.

Based on my experience of running a travel destinations related web site, a photo gallery do not get good traffic. However it does help to have a photo gallery to show something about the holiday destination as a supplement to the web site. The main bulk of the web site should be written content with information and reviews that should be useful to the visitors making research about the area. And this is where abstract ideas are best expressed in words rather than by pictures.

Another use for images is picture diagrams which serve to illustrate a point clearly, so those too should be used when you make your own web site, and enhance your visitor’s experience.

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