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Can water be affected by our words?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Can water be affected by our words spoken, emotions, music or even written word for that matter? Received this email message from my cousin, and it was rather intriguing though for most email with outrageous claims or phobias, I would do a quick check to see whether it is an urban legend or is there some truths in it. Some are no brainer like the scare email message I received about “reboiling water is harmful to you”, that one was a total scam written by someone who has no knowledge of basic chemistry.

Now this one takes a real big step of faith. After all we live in a strange world where many things are not quite easily explainable. And this one seems interesting, but the experiment done here hasn’t got acceptance by the scientific community. I would read it and perhaps give it a sprinkling of salt and keep it in mind. After all, the scientist did discover that faith actually aids in the healing process of hospital patients and prayers work though the scientist couldn’t prove it scientifically but they do have indirect empirical statistics that prayer does work in aiding healing. (more…)

More trouble but gotta keep pressing on

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Ouch! My water vending machine was attempted break in again! This will be the second time and the vandals broke my lock again! My home business is not going very well. Coin collection is not up to my expectation. Sheesh. I must be more careful in where I should invest my money. But I did do this out of desperation to find a way out the problem that I was facing from a tyrant boss previously. Sure God has brought me out of Egypt so to speak, but I still need to face the legacy of mess from the decision that I made. I should have been more patient but I was already almost like spiderman climbin

g up the walls on his impossible demands. (more…)

Overcoming life adversities

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Fear is the mind killer. I shall not fear for the Lord is with me. But at times, you do feel the need to know where is God while you going through life challenges. Having gone through it, I know it was a very difficult situation to go through it.

Last Thursday, Janet who was in charge of Children Church together with her husband, Lena and I were making a visitation to family. To the mother actually. We made the decision to visit because her daughters were absent from Children Church for quite sometime now.