Digital Storage

While sorting through my drawers filled with digital devices, I finally found my LG flash drive receipt. With the receipt I could now submit my faulty LG 512MB flash drive for warranty claim. Yeay! It seems nowadays there’s so many type of card system being developed with the old cards becoming obsolete and newer improved …

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Insomnia at Parents Home

I shouldn’t have stayed over at my parent’s house. I couldn’t sleep a wink on the hard tatami mat, though my wife could sleep like a log. I tossed and turned on the bed until I finally gave up waiting for the sandman to send me to dreamland.

Alley Cats

There seems to be many cats around the back alley these few days. Cats growling and howling at each other probably vying for a female’s attention or crossing path with other dominant males. Seems like Casper was able to hold his own ground. I didn’t see him running away like he used to. Casper had …

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Behind Schedule

So I’m a little behind schedule with my CHD website. I’m supposed to implement my bus schedule and Smokehouse article, but with all the recent church activities and Chinese New Year shopping and office work, I find little time to have a clear thought as to what articles to include. Sure, I’ve collected lots of …

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